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Ojos Moviendose

En esta pagina podras encontrar algunos Buscadores para encontrar cosas, referentes a los Scouts y al Escultismo en el Mundo, espero que sea de tu agrado.
Si conoces algun otro buscador escribeme a, y asi poder estar cada vez más actualizados para tu servicio.

Buscador Spider Scouting Spider -The Worldwide Scouting Database-

Buscador Scouter Compass
The Scouter's Compass
(The Scouter's Journal Network)

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'Net Roster - Who's on the Web
Troops, Packs, Posts, Scouters... They're all here.

Discussion Lists
Years of archives of the hottest scouting email lists around.

Skills and Advancement
Cooking. Camping. First Aid.

Training and Recognition
Adult Leadership. Youth Leadership. Ethics.

Camping and the Outdoors
Places to go camping. Orienteering. Low Impact Info.

Calendar and Events

Graphics and Clipart
Logos. Patches. Pictures. Working on a newsletter?

Scouting Organizations
Boy Scouts of America. Girl Scouts of the USA. WOSM. Societies.
Associations.  International Scouting.

Scouting History
Baden-Powell. Bill Hillcourt. Jamborees.

General Reference
Ceremonies. Patches. Maps. Software.

Yellow Pages

Chat Rooms

Buscador WhoWhere?Scouting WhoWhere? The way to find Scouts

Buscador PinBoardScouting Board -Pinboard-
Please choose your pinboard:

Scouting Newsgroups
Buscador Newsgroups can.scout-guide
de.rec.outdoors de.soc.jugendarbeit it.sociale.scout
nl.scouting rec.scouting.issues
rec.scouting.misc rec.scouting.usa uk.rec.scouting
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